Wonderful Digital Signage for Chromecast which connects your message to your target audience.

A quick & easy digital signage designed specifically to help you promote products or services on LED TV with help of Google Chromecast.

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Why Use AdSignage

Adsignage is an online, cloud based digital signage system that can publish content to a Google Chromecast anywhere in the world from a central location. It is an affordable, easy to use and feature-rich with free layouts & openclipart support.

Brings your message to everyone easily.

Create outstanding multimedia digital signage content using the Standard web builder knowledge. The layout builder gives you the creative flexibility to make use of the extensive range of builtin WEB/HTML/HTML5 features, with support for Fonts, Openclipart library, Scroll Ticker,Media & Layout Templates

Connects over internet, no special server

No traditional fixed hardware solutions, it is based on Cloud computing technology, you manage the digital signage player,plan & schedule to publish online to Google Chromecast player.

Publish your Content to Google Chromecast using dedicated player login.

Publishing your content to one device / group of devices with dedicated player login. You can also publish a single layout or multiple layouts to a device and schedule when to play based on plan setup.

Engage your audience with video & audio content too.

Add videos from YouTube to play in a loop with autoplay. Or you can even have a YouTube playlist to play your various videos.

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